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Welcome to our delicious bbq recipes

  • Site under construction, as more recipes are being added, check back for regular updates
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As the leading distributor of outdoor kitchens based in Dubai, but covering the Middle East, East Africa and East Asian regions, we love to prompt the outdoor kitchen lifestyle.

This is a collection of our favourite barbecue recipes for meats, fish and vegetables using grills, smokers and ovens. In conjunction with our partners, such as Stubbs, who produce an excellent variety of sauces, marinades and rubs and Lynx who are the leading USA manufacturer grills. In addition Fontana, who make some of the best pizza ovens have lots of secrets to share to enhance your outdoor cooking.
Others have been recommended by our customers.

We use a variety of cooking methods: grills, smokers and outdoor ovens to produce the most delicious food.

The food is cooked using products we stock including:

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grill recipes

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smoker recipes

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pizza oven recipes

We supply and use a variety of charcoal and flavoured wood chips, to enhance the flavours of our favourite meats and fish.

We encourage you to experiment with your grills, smokers and ovens to create new and exciting flavours.

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